Social Media and ROI

I recently contributed to a post titled “How does a company measure social media ROI?”.  This is a question I see a lot, so here is my perspective at a high level. A common mistake is trying to align traditional interactive measures with a social media program and measuring […]

Meeting users in their media (a literal translation)

I often advocate to our clients that when thinking about content distribution and seeding, they should “meet users in their media”.

Sometimes this concept takes some explanation in terms of what I mean.

As marketers look to integrate social media into their existing programs or projects don’t silo […]

Killer KPIs: Percent Engaged Visitors

This post is the first in a series that will highlight key performance indicators (KPIs) to include in your measurement arsenal for keeping your organization focused on the metrics that matter.

There’s a lot of buzz these days about driving greater online engagement on your website or in your community […]

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Measures of Community Success

Many enterprise communities are emerging as business communication shifts to a more socially designed model. Some of these new online initiatives fare better than others. Measurement is a key piece of the puzzle in determining what causes communities to succeed.

Whether you are preparing to launch a new community or […]

Community Moderation Nourishes Success

The role of an online community moderator is a relatively new one. And like any new role, it’s going through its developmental stage right now. It is most often confused with the role of Community Manger which has more to do with the overall direction that the community is […]

Build Traffic to Your Community

We are scaling up here at 7Summits and so you will see more frequent and varied blog posts in the coming weeks and months. This is the first in a series of thoughts focused on community activation and moderation. We will tag each entry with “community”, allowing you to […]

Integrating All of Your Online Efforts Is Key To Success

We are now meeting with dozens of prospective clients and we are seeing a pretty wide range of approaches being taken when it comes to Social Media. Many companies feel somewhat behind and they are trying to “catch up” by throwing up fan-pages, twitter accounts and YouTube channels hoping […]

Social Media Creates Brand Awareness, But How to Measure?

The recently published Strategic Framework for Applied Social Media serves as an excellent back-drop for discussing our Marketing Imperative: “creating awareness, growing sales and taking market share.”  We presupposed in our earlier discussion that some definite value levers supporting marketing can be positively affected through […]