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Social Media Lessons – From a Marketing Legend

I recently read a great blog post from Seth Godin, in his infinite marketing and business wisdom he made three especially hard-hitting points in a Professionals Platform entry that struck me as great topics to elaborate upon as they relate to social media. They are below in bold, followed […]

Advanced Technology Must be Indistinguishable From Magic

Arthur C. Clarke told us, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

When new technologies first came out they did appear to be just like magic, think of the first telephone, or the initial launch of the iPod. Now however, it’s harder and harder to surprise and delight users. […]

Social Currency: What is your Brand worth?

Social currency is a term thrown around a lot in the social media space, but it’s more than a buzzword, it’s a concept that can explain the proper use and benefits of using social media in your organization.  Social currency is a significant factor in your marketing budget, it’s […]

Social Media Trends and Best Practices for Non-Profits

From big retailers, to B2B, to higher education social media is certainly the trend of the moment, helping companies and organizations reach more people, in more efficient and engaging ways. Naturally these tools are of interest to non-profits and organizations looking at how these technologies can be used to […]

Enterprise Community Strategy: Be Proactive vs. Reactive

It is not a secret that most would prefer to be proactive with a situation than having to be reactive.  It’s why we watch the weather before leaving the house in the morning, (#snOMG anyone?) or do background research before sales calls.  Being proactive allows us to be as […]

Beginners Guide to a SMB Web Strategy

Web marketing and social media are quite the buzz words lately, but when used properly they are very successful at engaging customers and prospects.  The below steps are a very preliminary start to a fully functioning online marketing program, but they certainly give a jumping […]

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Re-ignite your PR and content with Social Media

Corporations often struggle with where to start with social media. At 7Summits, we are big proponents for strategy guiding your execution, however despite the best of intentions and the most in-depth of strategies sometimes it is still hard to find a starting point. Today we want to share a […]

Content may be King, but EXPERIENCE is Queen

The best content is genuine, not automated. It is posted with the intention of not only being viewed but talked about. The question is, how do we get readers to talk about our content? And how do we get readers to share that conversation with us […]

Don’t silo your community

When considering launching an on-domain community many organizations struggle with where it will fit within their current organizational structure and who will be responsible for taking ownership of it, e.g: Sales/Marketing, Communications/PR, IT, HR and or Support etc.

Once this organizational decision has been made most […]

Find Your Social Spark!

We’ve talked (and we’ll keep talking) about the need for a strategy to apply social media to your business.  The islands of Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter accounts, YouTube Channels, and one-off blogs need to be reigned in and managed. A strategy integrating them into an overall marketing and execution […]