Social Media Trends and Best Practices for Non-Profits

From big retailers, to B2B, to higher education social media is certainly the trend of the moment, helping companies and organizations reach more people, in more efficient and engaging ways. Naturally these tools are of interest to non-profits and organizations looking at how these technologies can be used to […]

Integrating All of Your Online Efforts Is Key To Success

We are now meeting with dozens of prospective clients and we are seeing a pretty wide range of approaches being taken when it comes to Social Media. Many companies feel somewhat behind and they are trying to “catch up” by throwing up fan-pages, twitter accounts and YouTube channels hoping […]

Web Marketing: Where does Social Media fit?

Most marketing organizations are finalizing their 2010 plans. As they do so, many are looking at social media and how it aligns with other investments and ongoing programs that will be in effect in the New Year. Websites are already being updated with fresh content and e-stores already reflect […]

Social Media Creates Brand Awareness, But How to Measure?

The recently published Strategic Framework for Applied Social Media serves as an excellent back-drop for discussing our Marketing Imperative: “creating awareness, growing sales and taking market share.”  We presupposed in our earlier discussion that some definite value levers supporting marketing can be positively affected through […]