Enterprise Community Strategy: Be Proactive vs. Reactive

It is not a secret that most would prefer to be proactive with a situation than having to be reactive.  It’s why we watch the weather before leaving the house in the morning, (#snOMG anyone?) or do background research before sales calls.  Being proactive allows us to be as […]

Beginners Guide to a SMB Web Strategy

Web marketing and social media are quite the buzz words lately, but when used properly they are very successful at engaging customers and prospects.  The below steps are a very preliminary start to a fully functioning online marketing program, but they certainly give a jumping […]

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3 Reasons why you need social media for customer service

A recent report from the Alterian Engaging Times Americas Summit, 2010 shows that a mere 1.2% of respondents viewed customer service as the most important social media objective, while 24% said it was to retain existing customers, and 30.1% said it was new customer acquisition.  It can be argued […]

Re-ignite your PR and content with Social Media

Corporations often struggle with where to start with social media. At 7Summits, we are big proponents for strategy guiding your execution, however despite the best of intentions and the most in-depth of strategies sometimes it is still hard to find a starting point. Today we want to share a […]

Integrating All of Your Online Efforts Is Key To Success

We are now meeting with dozens of prospective clients and we are seeing a pretty wide range of approaches being taken when it comes to Social Media. Many companies feel somewhat behind and they are trying to “catch up” by throwing up fan-pages, twitter accounts and YouTube channels hoping […]

Social Media For Business & Brands – The Risk of Doing Nothing

We talk regularly to brands about where to begin with social media. As we shared in our last blog post, eMarketer recently published a survey touting the many benefits of social media presence for brands:



Well, the inverse also is true. Especially for brands that have no effective or coordinated […]