7Summits Solutions

Enabling our clients to become a social enterprise.

7Summits’ solution offerings are structured around a simple premise; enabling our clients to better engage their customers, their partners and their employees to help build their business. Our exclusive focus is serving our clients by helping them define, design and implement social business solutions that drive measurable business value and become a more social enterprise.

Our solution model, competency groups and methods were established in recognition that three trends are reshaping the landscape of how companies will operate and compete in the future:

  • Social technologies are creating opportunities for organizations to transform the workplace
  • These opportunities span the organization
  • Tapping into these opportunities required a successful blend of strategy, user experience, and technology

Social Marketing and Outreach

7Summits understands what it takes to effectively reach and engage an audience online. Our Social Marketing and Outreach services and solutions focus on how best to leverage the social web; open social media, socially enabled websites, managed sites, social listening and response, activation and outreach, as well as search and relevancy optimization (SEO/SEM).

Customer Centric Communities

External branded communities provide an opportunity to more directly engage and support your customers and prospects, share thought leadership, transact business, and harvest the intelligence that fuels more impactful results.

Social Business Management

At the center of the social enterprise is Social Business Management – the comprehensive set of management, governance, measurement, monitoring and analytics capabilities. A clear and comprehensive social business strategy is needed to guide and coordinate across internal and external audiences, which needs to evolve and be maintained over time based on user engagement and feedback, as well as to adapt to changing business priorities and opportunities. 7Summits has several solution offerings to position our clients for sustainable social business success.

Social Business Processes

Social technologies are enabling organizations to rethink business processes to transform unstructured, ad-hoc iterations into structured outcomes that drive efficiencies and increase the organization’s knowledge. Shifting communications, collaboration and processes away from point-to-point channels (such as email) to social platforms unlocks trapped information and drives operational efficiencies.

Employee Centric Communities

Social methods for sharing information, connecting with others, and liking/rating content have become familiar ways for people to interact online. However, enterprises have traditionally used a variety of tools and platforms in an effort to enhance collaboration, communication and productivity ranging from intranets to document management and workflow solutions.