Designing your content to travel on the social web

Paul Stillmank | November 18, 2009

There is an art and science behind designing your content to travel on the social web. Anyone who has seen the conversation prism by Brian Solis is well aware of the many distribution channels and outlets in the social media ecosystem. But what are the ingredients needed to seed your content?

In the social web, content is being generated about our companies,products and people everyday whether we are apart of the conversation or not. And therein lies the difference between the social web and its previous iterations. Conversation is now key. Content may still be king, however conversation can amplify its effect whether having positive or negative connotations for a business. Dell’s Ideastorm is a textbook example of how a brand can take negative content and energy surrounding their business and products and channel it into a positive dialog with its consumers now creating positive UGC.

Create great content

Best stuff for social media has:

  • No registration
  • Valuable information
  • Minimal promotional aspects

Break content into bite-sized, digestible chunks.

Optimized Content is King

  • Optimize your titles
  • Optimize your content for SEO and Social pickup
  • Use Tagging, Metadata and Hashtags
  • Enable user-tagging of your content (folksonomy)
  • Categorize Your content (taxonomy)
  • Optimize Your Digital Assets Video, Photos, Audio
  • Give your users tools to seed your content on the social web – Re-tweet buttons and social bookmarking apps.

Key takeaways –

  • Content is still king, become a publisher!
  • Conversation is queen, inspired by content
  • Design your content to scale
  • Create content that adds value
  • Design your content to spark conversation
  • Allow your content to be easily shared and distributed (de-centralized)
  • Mine your data – there is good content here
  • Empower your audience whether consumer or stakeholder to spread the
    word with the right set of tools
  • Mashing up different content can create compelling widgets/apps
  • Content comes in many forms (conversations, comments, text, images, video etc)

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