The battle of the smartphones continues at 7Summits, and the jury is still out on whether the iPhone or the Android is the best platform.  Recently, our VP of Digital and Community Strategy, James Davidson, shared his list of the best apps for Android devices.  Today I will discuss what I feel is clearly the superior of the two leading types of phones on the market, the iPhone.

Apple’s App Store has made developers over $1 billion due to the popularity and high demand for the thousands of apps available for free or low prices.  With over 350,000 apps to choose from to date, the only challenge is narrowing it down.

Here are some of our team’s favorite iPhone apps (in no particular order):


  • Evernote – A free note-taking app that runs on iPhone, Mac, and PC, to keep all of your notes synchronized.  Great for customer note taking as well as keeping track of business and personal To-Do’s.
  • Grocery iQ – a grocery shopping list management app.  You can manage lists for multiple stores and even get suggested coupons based on frequently purchased items
  • CriagsPro – Browse and post to Craigslist – Even better than using the website itself.
  • AudioMemos – A way to record ideas and to-do’s when you are on the go.
  • GoodReader – A robust PDF reader for the iPhone and iPad.
  • Dropbox – Sync and share your photos, videos and documents online and across computers.
  • Walgreens – Scan your prescriptions to quickly and easily refill
  • Week Calendar – Replaces the default iPhone calendar app, allowing you to conveniently view all of your appointments for the week, with a better day, week and month overview.
  • Square – Accept credit card payments  anywhere via your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
  • Mobile Mouse – Turns your phone into a remote mouse/keyboard for your Mac.
  • Quicklytics – A great interface for Google Analytics.
  • iHandy Level – Now available for free, and works in a pinch when you need to check if something is level.
  • Simplenote – Easy way to record notes, ideas, to-do’s and more.


  • FaceTime – Although not an app, video calling is one of the most attractive features of the iPhone 4, and definitely deserves a mention.  iPhone 4 has two built-in cameras, a front and back camera, to give your caller a view of either yourself or your surroundings.
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Skype
  • Fourquare
  • Hashable – Keep track of your relationships with this app, which is like a virtual business card.  Build up your Inner Circle for real-time updates on who your friends are meeting and adding to their networks.


  • CNN– Live streaming video of breaking news, top headlines, weather and traffic updates.
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – Local Milwaukee news, sports, business, politics, entertainment, etc.
  • Bloomberg – News, stock quotes, company descriptions, market trends and analysis, and more.
  • Instapaper – Save web pages for later.  Convenient for offline reading when you are commuting, in a meeting, or waiting in line.


  • Angry Birds – Insanely addicting game, available for both iPhone and Android.
  • Scrabble – Hasbro’s classic board game, now available for free in the iTunes store, allowing you to play up to 50 games at a time, against a computer or your friends.
  • iBooks – Download and read books.
  • Netflix – Instantly watch streaming TV shows and movies from Netflix.
  • Rdio – A social music service that allows you to follow friends and others to find new music.
  • OpenTable – Make free restaurant reservations.
  • Kindle – Read your Kindle books, and Amazon’s Whispersync will automatically sync your last page read, bookmarks, notes and highlights across devices.
  • Spirit – A fun, retro, arcade-style game.
  • Urbanspoon – Search, explore and browse local restaurants. Find a place to eat based on reviews, menus, prices, cuisine, or random selection with the SHAKE feature.
  • 8mm – Film videos with interesting filters like Siena and black and white.
  • Hipstamatic – Digital photography app with the ability to change lenses, flashes and films for different effects.
  • Shopkick – Location based app that allows you to earn points when you go to stores, and add them up to receive discounts and special offers at participating retail outlets.
  • Marcus Theatres– Search for movies, theatres, and showtimes, and purchase tickets.
  • Camera+ – Allows you to edit your pictures, add in flash, zoom, change the tone and color, etc.
  • Pocket Universe – Interactive solar system and constellation exploration app that helps you learn constellations, stars and planets.
  • Word Clock – Cool, typographic clock that displays the date and time in a sentence.
  • Ringtone Designer – Create custom ringtones with songs from your iTunes music library.
  • Remote – Apple remote that works with iTunes and Apple TV.
  • QR Code Reader and Scanner – A free QR code reader.
  • Stair Dismount – A game in which you knock down a dummy and receive points for a painful fall.
  • Mortal Kombat – The original arcade fighting game you may remember from your childhood.
  • Ragdoll Blaster – A physics puzzler game featuring a ragdoll shot out of a cannon.
  • Heart Rate – Take your heart rate, with no additional equipment needed besides your iPhone.
  • Zen Brush – Gives you the feel of using an ink brush to write or paint.
  • Bloom – A music player allowing you to create patterns and melodies.
  • TED – Watch the latest TED videos with this app.
  • Pandora – Stream music on your iPhone or iPad, by choosing an artist or song that you like, and Pandora will create a channel of similar music.
  • Blocks – Free puzzle game that is challenging and fun.
  • Zen Bound – Puzzle game involving unwrapping wooden sculptures with rope.
  • BeatWave – Music app that allows you to create beats and tunes.


  • Google Earth – View the global satellite and aerial images of the world, with the ability to see terrain, Wikipedia articles, search for locations, and more.
  • Fuel Finder – Find the cheapest gas prices in your area.
  • TripAdvisor – Check out reviews, photos, maps and more before you go.

Did we miss any?  Add your personal favorites in the comments section below, along with any other facts/opinions on which platform is the best.