Over the past couple of weeks two discussion threads on our internal employee community (Intranet 2.0) drove some significant traffic and responses. The first being “What iPhone apps would you recommend?” which quickly spawned “What Android Apps would you recommend”. As you can probably tell from this blog we have two core smartphone fan boys and girls at 7Summits, the Apple iPhone vs. the Google Android. So as our chief Android fan boy I wanted to share the results of this discussion with our broader community. If you have other great apps you use and love, then let us know. I am pretty sure we will have a follow-up blog from the iPhone lovers sharing their results.

Rather than debate the pro’s and con’s of these two great smartphone platforms the intent of this blog is to share the Apps we love. So here it is, the definitive list of our favorite Android Apps (in no particular order):

All Adobe Apps:

Android loves Adobe, Steve Job’s doesn’t. Sorry iPhone fan boys and girls!



  • Tweetdeck – Love the cross-platform integration with Tweetdeck desktop and Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.
  • LinkedIn – Great search capability and integration with LinkedIn
  • Skype – Free VOIP chat application
  • Bump – The new way to connect and share contact info with people with Androids and iPhones
  • Qik – Like Apple’s Facetime video chat for Android




So that’s our current favorite list, how about others? What would you recommend that we missed?