WordPress Content Management for Jive

Combine the best attributes of a traditional website and a community into one integrated experience we call the Social Website.


The lines of the traditional website and social media are increasingly blurring. Today’s audience expects a much more social interaction and experience with the companies and brands they do business with. Audiences quickly turn to social networks, forums, blogs to get the most recent and relevant information to support their buying needs.

At 7Summits we create owned communities for our clients that nurture, maintain and build relationships with their customers, partners, and employees. Often information on the traditional website is duplicated on the owned community (and vice versa) creating extra work and the opportunity for confusion.

7Summits developed the WordPress Content Management Solution for Jive to combine the best attributes of a traditional website and an owned community into one combined solution that we call the Social Website. Beyond basic Facebook “liking” and comments, our solution provides a truly integrated social website platform to build the next generation website that includes integrated content management, community management, profile management, discussion forums, gamification, ratings and reviews, blogs, sharing, personalization and smart search.


The Best of Both Worlds

WordPress and Jive Community are dominant players in their respective fields: Web Content Management and Community Platforms. Both products can be considered state-of-the-art with rapidly expanding market share. Now you can easily integrate the best of both worlds with our WordPress Content Management Solution natively for Jive 5.x and 6.x Engage Community Platforms.  The 7Summits WordPress Content Management Solution for Jive has great advantages for digital marketers and community managers:


  • Seamless web content management within 6.x
  • Merge two separate sites (www.website.com + community.website.com) into one unified social website experience (www.socialwebsite.com)
  • Easily manage and integrate native WordPress content including posts, pages, and widgets within Jive
  • Leverage all WP plugins and add to Jive
  • WordPress widget and categorization support within Jive enables endless page by page customization
  • Full support for WordPress native content life-cycle including workflow, moderation and approvals


  • Secure integration that segregates content management users from community management users
  • Rendering of WordPress Content Management HTML constructs natively within Jive including WordPress Blog Posts, Pages, and Widgets
  • Automatic Synchronization between Jive Spaces and WordPress Multi-site Instances
  • Integration of WordPress content constructs with Jive “type ahead” Smart Search and What Matters
  • Integration of WordPress constructs with Jive native social capabilities including Share, Follow, Like and Bookmark
  • Support for WordPress SEO content features within Jive for Natural Search Optimization
  • Jive caching of WordPress content for performance and redundancy

Our solution provides a true “social website” user experience by integrating a best of breed web content management system directly within Jive’s Engage community platform. Take your website and Jive community to the next level with 7Summits WordPress Content Management Solution for Jive!

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