7Summits 2010: Our year in review – We’ve been moving!

James Davidson | December 31, 2010

We recently sent out our holiday card to our network and it was a  great summary of some amazing milestones that 7Summits hit in 2010. I am  so proud of our team and their achievements in 2010 that I wanted to  write this blog to share some of our accomplishments with everyone.

To “quote” our holiday card here are some highlights from 2010

This season is a great opportunity to thank everyone that has been  part  of our journey. We’ve hit some big milestones this year!

We’ve Moved Communities:

Global brands, savvy audiences, and high-tech tools. We’ve created  and evolved some leading social business ecosystems with our powerful  fusion of brand experience and technology, with great partners like  Jive. Fun fact: 398,000 social members reached by 7Summits.

Thanks to our partners!

We’ve Moved People:

Promising, excited, creative, caffeinated, eager, dynamic, passionate, and socially nimble sherpas have joined our tribe.

Thanks to our employees!

We’ve Moved Offices:

Q: Why did we cross the Milwaukee River?
A: To get a room with a view! NOTE: The food is great too!

We are loving our new office!

We’ve Moved Minds:

Our sugar-infused brand experiences helped customers, employees, and partners amplify their business. NOTE: Sugar-free
options also available.

We’ve enjoyed sharing our ideas on Slideshare, Twitter and this blog!

We’ve Moved Mountains:

It’s been an exciting year on the social frontier, and we simply wanted to thank our clients, friends, and partners for all your support and being part of our adventure. We’re still a young agency, but we’ve assemble an amazing teen and have been working with an enviable group of clients.

View our original holiday card here. As for 2011 if predictions by social media thought leaders like Jeremiah Owyang, Brian Solis and David Armano are anything to go by its going to be a great year!
Warm Winter Wishes

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