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The Art and Science of Social Listening

People often think of research and data as a matter of science, not art. Unfortunately, data isn’t worth much if it isn’t interpreted. Science must be more than numbers, algorithms and mathematics; it must be brought to life artistically.

Social listening is a perfect example of the intersection of Art […]

Mind Your Business- Social Listening in the era of the social brand

According to Econsultancy’s 2012 Online Reputation and Buzz Monitoring Buyer’s Guide, more companies are using some form of reputation monitoring technology. The number of companies that use buzz monitoring technology increased by 7% over the past year.  Even though the percentage of companies that exclusively use a paid or free tool […]

Killer KPIs: Percent Branded / Unbranded Search Traffic

This post is our second in a series that highlights a great key performance indicator (KPI) to include in your arsenal to keep your organization focused on what matters.  Check out our first post on Percent Engaged Visitors.

A branded search is a search via a major search engine for […]

Social Media Creates Brand Awareness, But How to Measure?

The recently published Strategic Framework for Applied Social Media serves as an excellent back-drop for discussing our Marketing Imperative: “creating awareness, growing sales and taking market share.”  We presupposed in our earlier discussion that some definite value levers supporting marketing can be positively affected through […]