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Event Recap: 2013 PR & Social Media Summit at Marquette University #PRSMS

It’s hard to believe that after months of planning, the 2013 PR & Social Media Summit is over! 7Summits is proud to have been the title sponsor of this year’s event.

Opening keynote Paul Rand shared how word-of-mouth marketing influences business and tied his presentation to his new book, Highly Recommended. His message really resonated with the audience and the first 350 attendees received a copy. 

Re-thinking College Admissions by Embracing Social Business – EduWeb July 30 2013

For those looking for it, here is a copy of the presentation from the EduWeb 2013 presented by myself and RJ Reimers. Enjoy!

Social Communities: How to build relationships with students (and Parents) – ACT EPC 2013 Conference

For those looking for it, here is a copy of the presentation from the ACT Enrollment Planners Conferences presented by myself and Dana Grennier. Enjoy!


Download the case study now.

MSOE and 7Summits – ACT Enrollment Planners Conference – Social Communities: How to build relationships with students (and Parents) […]

An Agile Marketing Approach to Platform Experimentation

I attended the eMarketing Summit here in Austin this month where I heard Natanya Anderson, Director of Social Media for Whole Foods Market, discuss how she is experimenting with new social media platforms.

The company has a top-notch team that publishes a “massive amount of daily content” every day on […]

Inflection Point – October 1, 2012

I usually save reflective moments for my internal blog written for our 7Summits’s Sherpa’s (aka employees) and posted on our intranet community known as “The Hive”. However, something remarkable is happening at 7Summits as exemplified by the industry leaders now joining our team. So I feel compelled to share […]

The Rise of Social Media in Professional Sports

The use of social media in professional sports is certainly not a new concept – the rise of Twitter can be attributed in part to its use by sports celebrities – but until recently there has been a love / hate relationship with professional sports leagues and social media. […]

Girl Scouts Gone Digital

This morning a co-worker handed out small packages of Girl Scout cookies to many of the people in my office. Cutely wrapped in twine with a note telling me what I owe, I told him “This is better than Christmas!” We all love Girl Scout cookies, and most of […]

Legislation and Social Media – The era of the “Example”

The current state of Social Media allows millions to express, react, and share what is on their mind in an instant. It’s an open stream of thoughts and ideas; everyone can share what is on his or her mind. Well…almost everyone. Examples of people and companies “being made example […]

How one customer brought down a brand – Case Study

At the beginning of Disney’s Mulan, the Emperor of China states that “A single grain of rice can tip the scale.” One person can make a tremendous impact on the lives of many, and Paul Christoforo, the president of Ocean Marketing,  and N-Control witnessed this firsthand. The metaphorical grain of rice […]

Social Commerce and Why You Must Utilize It

Have you finished all of your holiday shopping yet?

There tends to be two extreme approaches to the holidays: the Martha Stewart and the Howard Langston (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character from Jingle all the Way).  The Martha Stewarts of the world already purchased all of their gifts months in advance, wrapped […]