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Re-thinking College Admissions by Embracing Social Business – EduWeb July 30 2013

For those looking for it, here is a copy of the presentation from the EduWeb 2013 presented by myself and RJ Reimers. Enjoy!

Inflection Point – October 1, 2012

I usually save reflective moments for my internal blog written for our 7Summits’s Sherpa’s (aka employees) and posted on our intranet community known as “The Hive”. However, something remarkable is happening at 7Summits as exemplified by the industry leaders now joining our team. So I feel compelled to share […]

5 Community Management Best Practices

Great community management starts with having a great (and dedicated) social media or community manager. Additionally we still see lots of communities being launched without well thought out content or adoption strategies. These are paramount to success so be sure to define both before launching anything!  Post that there […]

Ford’s Focus? Gamification

I had the pleasure recently of working with a client that is doing a fundamental platform reboot. During this process, I’ve sat in pitches from the latest and greatest software providers representing Web Content Management,

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Email Marketing systems. One thing all of them talked about […]

Re-invent your Loyalty Programs – Shift from Broadcast to Relationship Building

Lately it seems I spend more of my time deleting or unsubscribing from email in both my personal and professional accounts than I do reading it. The volume at which this email comes at me every day is almost overwhelming and forces me to FENG-SHUI my inbox multiple times […]

Members Are Customers Too – Enabling Collaboration within Associations

Enabling collaboration within associations helps to re-engage members and enrich the membership experience.
Executives today are time-crunched and information-hungry. They need to solve problems or harness opportunities quickly, often looking to peers for insight. Professional associations are one place for those conversations, but many associations don’t do enough to enable member interaction.

As […]

The Paradox Of Our Age – Social Media Enablers and Detractors

I recently came across a writing a friend had shared to her Facebook wall from the Dalai Lama, entitled

“the Paradox of our Age.” It’s been around for years so some of you may have heard of it/read it.  The piece inspired me to write a new blog entry, and […]

Social Media and ROI

I recently contributed to a post titled “How does a company measure social media ROI?”.  This is a question I see a lot, so here is my perspective at a high level. A common mistake is trying to align traditional interactive measures with a social media program and measuring […]

Social Commerce: Community meets Commerce brought to you by Giantnerd.com

As a social agency we often look for best in class companies using social media successfully. When we find a really great example we look forward to sharing it for benchmarking and inspiration purposes. Giantnerd.com was a recent topic of conversation in our office after a team member purchased […]

How to Increase Internal Corporate Community Engagement

“Most corporations, on the other hand, only know how to talk in the soothing, humorless monotone of the mission statement, marketing brochure, and your-call-is-important-to-us busy signal. … They will only sound human when they empower real human beings to speak on their behalf. While many such people already work […]