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Riverbed Technology Online Community – 2014 Forrester Groundswell Entry

Riverbed Technology is the leader in application performance infrastructure, delivering the most complete platform for location-independent computing. Riverbed’s 24,000+ customers include 97% of the Fortune 100 and 95% of the Forbes Global 100. Riverbed’ go-to-market strategy includes a direct sales channel that supports customers globally and an partner network […]

JiveWorld 2012 – Business Value Delivered

Media shift followed by advertising shift. It happens every time. And it makes sense. Advertisers must follow the masses to reach them with their messages and offers. Media shift followed by business transformation? That’s something new. And that’s exactly what we see happening as we step back from JiveWorld […]

Inflection Point – October 1, 2012

I usually save reflective moments for my internal blog written for our 7Summits’s Sherpa’s (aka employees) and posted on our intranet community known as “The Hive”. However, something remarkable is happening at 7Summits as exemplified by the industry leaders now joining our team. So I feel compelled to share […]

Internal Communities enabling Employees Potential

A new category of software known as social business software (SBS) started to gain momentum at the height of the recession as companies were forced to do more with less. The economy brought about a swell of early adopters using SBS to build internal communities to solve traditional business […]

Social Features Can Revive Intranets

Recently our very own VP of Digital & Community Strategy , James Davidson, contributed information to the article, “Social Features Can Revive Intranets” Published by Drew Robb on Enterprise Apps Today.  Here a few of  the James Davidson highlights from the piece discussing how social media can positively influence […]

5 Community Management Best Practices

Great community management starts with having a great (and dedicated) social media or community manager. Additionally we still see lots of communities being launched without well thought out content or adoption strategies. These are paramount to success so be sure to define both before launching anything!  Post that there […]

Social Business Matures- Large Company Bans Internal Email

A large company in France (Atos) “having concluded that the vast majority of email is just time-wasting noise” has recently made the drastic decision to ban all internal email, and instead utilize community and instant messaging metaphors for internal communications.  This is a huge step forward for the maturity […]

The Paradox Of Our Age – Social Media Enablers and Detractors

I recently came across a writing a friend had shared to her Facebook wall from the Dalai Lama, entitled

“the Paradox of our Age.” It’s been around for years so some of you may have heard of it/read it.  The piece inspired me to write a new blog entry, and […]

Why Traditional Intranets Fail and how Social Media Can Help

In recent community intranet strategy sessions, we’ve listened to employees from various departments across organizations discuss the shortfalls of intranets that are in the way of increasing productivity not enabling it. While they are a hindrance to business efficiencies, it is not an uncommon scenario inside even today’s biggest […]

Associations and the shift to Social Media and Owned Communities

During my professional career I’ve been a member of various organizations. Most subscribed to a fairly traditional model in terms of communication, information and events:

Website – For information
Thought Leadership – In the form of whitepapers and blogs
Member email newsletter – News, updates and new thought leadership
Notification and Email List […]