What Makes a Leader: Creating the Culture

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An environment employees want to work in makes for better leadership opportunities, according to 7Summits CEO Paul Stillmank
American business mogul John D. Rockefeller once said, “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” As Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of 7Summits, a social business […]

JiveWorld 2012 – Business Value Delivered

Media shift followed by advertising shift. It happens every time. And it makes sense. Advertisers must follow the masses to reach them with their messages and offers. Media shift followed by business transformation? That’s something new. And that’s exactly what we see happening as we step back from JiveWorld […]

Inflection Point – October 1, 2012

I usually save reflective moments for my internal blog written for our 7Summits’s Sherpa’s (aka employees) and posted on our intranet community known as “The Hive”. However, something remarkable is happening at 7Summits as exemplified by the industry leaders now joining our team. So I feel compelled to share […]

Get Social!

It’s been over a week now since we wrapped up our time with Jive Software as part of their national “Get Social Tour.”  The tour launched April 21st in Los Angeles, with scheduled stops in Houston, Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC, Chicago, Philadelphia […]

Are Twitter/Facebook style “Status Updates” the future of business communication?

I just finished speaking to a good friend (a baby boomer) about why she (someone Forrester would label an “Inactive” using their social profiles) should join Facebook and Twitter. She was complaining that she feels out of touch with friends, family and generally what’s going […]

Community Moderation Nourishes Success

The role of an online community moderator is a relatively new one. And like any new role, it’s going through its developmental stage right now. It is most often confused with the role of Community Manger which has more to do with the overall direction that the community is […]

Build Traffic to Your Community

We are scaling up here at 7Summits and so you will see more frequent and varied blog posts in the coming weeks and months. This is the first in a series of thoughts focused on community activation and moderation. We will tag each entry with “community”, allowing you to […]

Find Your Social Spark!

We’ve talked (and we’ll keep talking) about the need for a strategy to apply social media to your business.  The islands of Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter accounts, YouTube Channels, and one-off blogs need to be reigned in and managed. A strategy integrating them into an overall marketing and execution […]

Social media – The best thing that could happen to your business!

Thought of the day. There is a lot of discussion about the good things and the bad things that social media can do for companies. From a Marketing, Product Development and Customer Support POV, we believe this is the best thing to happen to your […]

Designing your content to travel on the social web

There is an art and science behind designing your content to travel on the social web. Anyone who has seen the conversation prism by Brian Solis is well aware of the many distribution channels and outlets in the social media ecosystem. But what are the ingredients needed to seed […]